Baking dog cakes for over 10 years !

We create dog birthday cakes, and that`s all we do. Because we do it well

Dog cakes baked fresh & posted anywhere in the UK

Flat rate postage of £4.50 for any UK address

  • What Blues pawrents said ...

    Ordered a cake for my dogs birthday.

    It arrived on time, and it arrived in one piece having been packed well for its journey. Blue
    sniffed it out and was very very keen to open the box and eat it!

    It feels quite weighty and it’s been well made and well finished. I was impressed that there were holes baked into the biscuits for the sticks to decorate the cake with.

    Would purchase again and highly recommend!

  • Elsies pawrents said ...

    Received a fabulous cake on Christmas Eve for my furbabies 4th birthday on Christmas
    carefully packaged and easy to assemble ....

    My dogs would have woofed
    it all down however made them share with their older sister and have a little
    over a few days...

    Elsie and Zeus say thank you very muchly it was delicious btw so does Bernadette.

  • What Pollys pawrents said...

    Polly loved her cake for her 1st birthday,

    we had her friends round to party and they all took some home with them in a pawty bag.

    The other doggy parents all commented
    on how beautiful the dog cake was. 

    Really pleased.

    You can read more reviews over on our FB page

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