Got Question about our dog cakes ?
Hopefully this section will answer all you need to know, but if not drop us an email and we shall do our best to answer.

Do you post your dog cakes?
Yes we post our dog cakes via Royal Mail at a cost of £4.50 and are all tracked to ensure safe delivery.  You can find more information on this, in our delivery section.  

Do you post your dog cakes outside the UK?

This is not a service we currently offer.  

My dog is fussy do you send samples ?

As we are a small business this is not something we can offer.  You can however, check out all our ingredients on the ingredients page to see if there is anything your dog doesn't like.

Brand rep / freebie request ?
Please keep an eye out on our social media pages.  We will advertise here when we are looking for rep and you can follow the instructions.
Due to the high volume of direct requests for free items we simply do not reply.

Do you donate to charity ?
Whilst we understand charities need to raise money, we are a small family business, honestly just trying to earn a living.  We simply cant afford to accept all requests for charity.
We receive daily requests from charities, unfortunately we can't reply to all.
We help local charities wherever possible and look forward to helping more in the near future.

How long will my dog cake last?
We advise your cake should be consumed within 4 to 5 day from delivery.
You can also slice and freeze your cake for up to 3 months.

Can I freeze my dog cake?
Yes you can.
Our cakes can be frozen whole, or in slices for up to 3 months.  Simply remove from the freezer the night before required.

How do I store my dog cake?
Dog cakes must be stored in the fridge, if you are wanting to keep your cake for longer than the stipulated 4 to 5 days then we recommend you freeze it.

How long will my dog biscuits last?

All biscuits will have a minimum shelf life of 4 weeks and can be stored in the fridge or an airtight container out of direct sunlight.  For the best results we advise you store them in the fridge.

How much notice do you need?

A minimum of 10 working days is required on all orders.  We bake to order so cakes are not available for immediate dispatch.

Your on holiday when i need my cake?
That's ok ,you can order for an earlier date and freeze your cake till your dogs birthday.

Business Information

Business name:  Pupcakes Dog Bakery ™
Trade Mark: UK00003342775
Owner:  Ms Sharon Parry
email:   fetch@pupcakesdogbakery.co.uk
Feed Licence Registration:  GB571E27347
Liability Insurance number:  FASH2009666XB

Business Reg Address:

PupCakes Dog Bakery

Unit 11, PO Box 92 Cardiff CF11 1NB