The Blog about the Blog

The Blog about the Blog

So this is a blog about the blog 
Confused ...well not as much as I am .

Honestly here i am now in the 10th year of business , I say this with a bit of a grin and an fuck yeah fist pump (feel free to join in )having still not published a blog .This is something I have wanted to do since year one.
Pupcakes dog bakery , Sharon parry with Cavapoo Bobbi
Its really weird because i have it in my head that the 1st blog I publish must be the story of how I came about being the dog cake specialist and what journey brought me here to where I am today .

The thing is though I am  not quite ready to tell my story , not whole heartily anyway , so i stick to the same shit story that many have used that is..

"I was baking for my own dog an soon realised bla bla bla " and whilst this is true to a degree, for me there is far more depth to my story I am just not ready to share it yet.
Now this could be because i fear opinions , it could be because of shame , it could just be because I haven't quite told myself the story yet , who fuckin knows but for years its stopped me writing a blog just because i thought the first one had to be about me and that makes me want to vomit .
That coupled with the fact i have piss poor grammar ,spelling an language  you cant help but stress you have to be something you are not.

Stupid really because i have an abundance of topics i can chat shit about all day long and I am sure my community could come up with some topics too.
Whether they be dog related or not , my blog my topics right .
The thought of writing about something random each month really excites me but still here I am putting it off 

Then something happened .....
September this year 2023 I joined a mastermind class hosted on Facebook by a lovely lady called Nikki Bailey host of the Nikki said something really obvious and simple to me which was
"why does it have to be about you , why not write about something else and come back to you at another time"
What she said was actually a lot more profound than this but in my terms that what it was lol 
For the first time someone listened to my reason and gave me an solution.

At that moment it was like a whole weight had lifted and i was able to write , how bloody mad is that , something so simple totally changed my mind set.

Super bloody grateful of that and now I am just going to keep chatting shit through my blog about what ever i want and honestly I would love it if you join me on my travels and hopefully we will get to the turn in the road that tells my story ❤️

Anyway last week I said to Scott my husband
"Do you think you should walk your dog in the rain only Bobbi's not been out in days"
An from that the first blog landed & I hope you enjoy

Actually this is kinda of a blog itself inst it 🤣

Till next time @Love & Paws Sharon & Bobbi 🐾❤️

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