Pumpkin & Peanut butter Pupcakes

Pumpkin & Peanut butter Pupcakes

So can we please just paws for a moment and fully appreciate how absolutely amazing these pupcakes look.

Not only do they look amazing, they smelt absolutely delicious whilst baking in the oven and we know for sure your dog is gonna woof them.
We are talking full on tail wagging, jowls drooling here.


peanut butter dog cake

I have been writing recipes for dog cakes & dog treats for over 10 years but only ever for myself .
The time has come after many requests from our community to start sharing them with you so you can bake for your own dogs and what better recipe to start with in October than Pumpkin Pupcakes , totally in season and readily available ,not to mention the benefits for your dogs , we will cover that a little more shortly but for now let’s get that pinny on and come bake with Sharon & Bobbi Dog

Pumpkin for dogs


Pumpkin for dogs

And there it is 8 simple steps to making your dog some delicious pumpkin pupcakes.

Bake,Bark & Enjoy

pumpkin peanut butter cakes for dogs


Paswome Tips

             (freeze for up to 3 months take from the freezer a min of 6 hours before consumption)

  • Once the pupcakes are baked & cooled store in fridge for up to 5 days
  • Make your own peanut butter, if buying store bought just make sure it is free from sweeteners, palm oil & Xylitol.
    We use peamutt butter when not making our own , its brilliant and made just for dogs.
  • No food processor, no problem juts boil and mash the pumpkin as you would to make mash potato, you will want to eat it this way though as its really tasty.
  • Roast your pumpkin seeds to use as a treat (10 mins 180 oC)


Pumpkin Perks for Paws

Gone are the days we just calf our pumpkin and leave to rot

Pumpkins have many benefits to our dogs just as they would us, here are just a few

  • high-water content so is great for our dogs hydration.
  • Seeds roasted –Full of Natural healthy fats.
  • Rich in vitamin C, E & Iron so it is great for the aiding a healthy immune system.
  • Rich in fiber so will help regulate & improve bowel movements
  • Its bloody delicious and your dog will enjoy it, The key to any food we eat is that we enjoy,right ?

    As always, we create our recipes for fun and enjoyment and our recipes must not replace your dog’s normal diet.
    If you are unsure of any ingredients for your dog, we recommend you always speak to your vet or a qualified nutritionist.
    We love The Canine Dietitian sally barker (I know what a name right) along with Dr.Karen Becker

We hope you enjoy baking your Pumpkin pupcakes and look forward to you sharing your creations with us on our socials

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Ps ..cant be woofed baking your own you can always just buy our dog cakes 

Pps ...More recipes on the way , Fancy something specific just give us a pawmail and we will look into it ...don`t be shy 🤣

Love & Paws
Sharon & Bobbi❤️🐾



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